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"Empire of the Israelites" 
"Book of civilization" 
Falsification of the Classical Texts
"Mysteries of Egyptian Zodiacs"
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Recommended Books

The following books are recommended for the further reading 

  THE MEDIEVAL EMPIRE OF THE ISRAELITES  . The first empire in the history of mankind was formed in the Middle Ages under the name Israel, in which monotheism and proto-Judaism became the predominant religion.

"Evidenz und Konstruktion" Ralph Davidson, Christoph Luhmann,  the book is now available as   Der Zivilisationsproze, Euro 21,90, ISBN 3-9804324-6-7.

History: Fiction or Science?    Let us give a concise preliminary account of the current state of ancient and mediaeval chronology.

The Analysis of Ancient and Medieval Records 
Reader's review : I find this book most amazing one I ever have read. If you read this book carefully you will be impressed how many things we take for granted and without any critique. You will be surprised how subtle and non-reliable is the building of modern history and chronology. To read this book is more interesting than any novel of Steven King.

The Development of the Statistical Tools
Reader's review : Words in reviews cant make you believe thet history you`ve learnd might not be the correct one, but onec you get hands on this book and read just the readeble parts you`ll see all events in new light. My advice for everyone interested in history is to read this book in order to be able to manage history data better. Fomenko did not present any suggestions on how the real history did look like and explains how hard it is going to be to put all peaces togeather. Aditional efforts could make this book more readable. The whole prepress could have been better. That would make it far more understandable. I`ll just poit out once more - if you realy want to believe in your history picture you will have to put it now to much serious tests that Fomenko and his assosiates have developed.

Centuries of Darkness: A Challenge to the Conventional Chronology
Reader's review : Centuries of Darkness is, to me, an unusual work, in that the authors seem to be serious historians, who are still willing to stand up and point out the emperor's got no clothes. In this case, the emperor is the convoluted house of cards made up of middle eastern chronology which has been developing, in good faith, for over a century, and the fact that there appear to be flaws in this structure. The descriptions of these flaws and their suggestions for ways to handle them are well presented, even if they are not all immeadiately compelling. In short, this work is truly nutritious food for thought, and well worth the time to read it.

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