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Manifest and Mission

The traditional national oppositions and prejudices that are caused by modern education and culture are a most convenient instrument of politics - of the politics of war and repression. "Divide and dominate," while not forgetting to renovate the national combat capability which decays with time. An attendant army of ideologues is always at the ready. He who is in an easy, and he who is in an incomparably harsher and more severe form advocates, lucidly explains, and "scientifically" proves national goals. If there is a national order, then it doesn't take long to find an executor.

Human life is represented as a mythical victim in the name of the nation. The national bosom gives rise to the soldier. 
We no longer want to be soldiers. We no longer want to fight with each other. We no longer want to bow down to this idol.

The supranational worldview is the result of overcoming the traditional - the national. Rising above the convention of the modern national and political map of the world, we break loose into the wide expanse of life common to all mankind. From this height all "national ideas" and their basis look like easy and absurd pretensions, which hinder the movement to a unified world. From within, everything has been constructed logically and, above all, substantiated historically.

What do these traditional "national histories" mean? What will help us to discredit these myths? What are we receiving in exchange? 

We are creating an intellectual and political space for the formation of a community of individuals who are making steps toward a new, supranational world.

The researcher, who is overcoming the narrow-mindedness of the national approach to the study and exposition of history, is making the results of his work accessible to the community at large. The world, gradually finding its real history, will find itself young and, above all, UNITED.

The businessman, who by the logic itself of his own business already is brought to the need to perceive the world as UNIFIED and SUPRANATIONAL, supports historic, sociologic and political science research, freed from national dictates.
The creative personality, anticipating the onset of a NEW UNIFIED SUPRANATIONAL WORLD, reflects this movement in all of its complexity and varieties.

Everyone, for whom the limits of the national are too tight, has the opportunity to participate in the collective creation of NEW TRADITION.

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